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We are working on some innovative digital healthcare solutions which can solve the grassroot level problems of Indian Healthcare System

Our Digital Healthcare Solutions

Remote Clinical Trial Monitoring Platorm

Suspended Operations of COVID hospitals, restrictions on the admission of personnel, air travel restrictions, and quarantine requirements imposed by the health/government authorities have created a need for Remote clinical trial monitoring and auditing like never before. Our product which is currently under development will be addressing this obstacle faced by sponsors.

EDC Platform for Clinical Studies

Our unique Electronic Data Capture Platform for clinical studies caters to the requirements of small to medium size healthcare companies. It means we step back and try to think about what will work best for a particular healthcare product and the customer.

Telemedicine App

Covid-19 has a created an immediate need for the doctor-patient interactions to go on online mode. Watch for our product in few days

Diagnostic Services Applications

We are working on developing a unique platform which can help in making the diagnostic services accessible and available for the patients at affordable prices.

Why we want you to consider our digital health solutions?

There has been an unprecedented need for quickly bringing safe and efficacious healthcare products into the market which can prevent or treat COVID-19 and similar indications. The only solution to the above is to conduct clinical trials for promising products, collate the clinical trial data for safety and efficacy, make regulatory submissions, bring the product to the market to ensure the easy availability, accessibility, and affordability for the patient in need. Our digital healthcare platform and associated solutions can help you here.

Our Existing Technology Partner

Since 2009, we have been working tirelessly to improve healthcare services.

We have grown into a family of companies and every single one of us is striving to help make the world a healthier and happier place.

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