Biovantis Access

Ensuring that  the patients have access to your healthcare products.

Our Access solutions

Our commitment to good health goes far beyond research and development. We help the patients in need  manage their disease and health conditions through a range of our programs.

Community Health Programs

Our Community Health Programs aim at providing primary healthcare services at the doorstep to the people living in the rural community who do not have access to healthcare. The programs focus on delivering primary healthcare, which includes clinical diagnostic support of maternal and neonatal healthcare and the appropriate dissemination of health-related information.

Patient Support Programs

Correct diagnosis forms the bedrock of improving treatment outcomes. However, advanced diagnostic cancer tests are beyond the reach of many patients due to cost and limitations of access. Biovantis runs several programs which help cancer patients get their sample tested with a renowned laboratory chain for reduced costs.

Health Awareness Programs

Many patients with chronic lifestyle diseases are unaware of their condition until complications begin to surface. Our health awareness programs aid in the early detection of such diseases, helping in initiating professional treatment in time and preventing complications.

Treatment Adherence Programs

Biovantis runs several Treatment Adherence and Education programs for the patients that aim to improve adherence by sending out regular health tips, lifestyle modification inputs, dosage reminders, dos/don’ts, diet charts, counseling and diagnostic support.

How we go beyond patient care

Our lifestyle support program for patients suffering from conditions like cancer provides confidential psychological and emotional support services for patients to discuss their feelings, needs, and concerns. We arrange for professional counselors to be available 24/7 via a toll-free hotline for those who seek self-care tips and professional advice.

Why choose us for your Access Solutions?

Our team has extensive experience working on Patient Support Programs in India.
If you are a Pharmaceutical company looking to sponsor a Patient Support Program, get in touch with us today. We provide end-to-end PSP management services for our healthcare client.

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